“His talks seem to explode out of the unconscious with an alarmingly precise focus, precipitating one toward completely new perceptions of the meaning of gardening as a spiritual activity.”


Performance in the Garden:

A Collection of Talks on Biodynamic French Intensive Horticulture

by Alan Chadwick

edited by Stephen Crimi

foreword by John Jeavons


E.M. Schumacher (Small is Beautiful) called Englishman Alan Chadwick "the greatest horticulturist of the 20th century." Chadwick was a student of Rudolf Steiner, an early advocate of organics, and founder of French Intensive Biodynamic System. He railed against the tragic policies of corporate agribusiness, while cultivating gardens of sublime beauty and production in

the 60's and 70's throughout the United States. Nearly everyone practicing biodynamics today has been kissed by the Chadwick transmission. Up until now his unique artistic approach and deep perception of nature were unavailable in writing. Performance in the Garden harvests sixteen incredible, inspired and practical talks that will help us, as herbalist and friend Paul Lee aptly put it, "replant the vital root of existence."


Alan Chadwick comes across as a wonderfully eccentric and inspired character, an extraordinary combination of the visionary, the rhapsodic and the practical. One feels he is as highly attuned to the inner world as he is attentive to the outer. In fact, his talks seem to explode out of the unconscious with an alarmingly precise focus, precipitating one toward completely new perceptions of the meaning of gardening as a spiritual activity.   

Jeremy Naydler, author of Goethe on Science, Temple of the Cosmos, and Soul Gardening; founder of the Jupiter Trust

Alan Chadwick's goal, an exciting one, was to 'grow' world peace through all of us working individually, and together, with the life forces of the garden, its soil and plants to become a participants in life's wonderful, rhythmic, and quietly-alive Cosmic dance. Performance in the Garden is a rare opportunity to receive insight into the experiences Alan shared during his life!

John Jeavons, Executive Director of Biointensive Sustainable Mini-Farming; author of How to Grow More Vegetables

For anyone wanting to DO something in this world, these lectures and parables from Alan are a tremendous gift which can open the door to awareness and encounter of the deep healing joy in, and love for creation that alone can be the inspiration and motivation for reentering and recreating the Garden.    

Stephen Decater, Live Power Community Farm, Covelo, CA


Alan Chadwick’s performances over the years would no doubt be considered Oscar caliber if they occurred in the theatre. But inhabiting a more cosmic system his lectures and classes regarding Biodynamic French Intensive Horticulture took him from the gardens he created at the university in Santa Cruz, to the Covelo Village Garden Project in Round Valley, California and finally to the spiritual community in New Market, Virginia. Known for his eloquence and unique terminology his award was to pass on to his students the in depth knowledge of his life’s work.

As editor Crimi so aptly puts it, “Let what is behind the words come, from Alan’s Sun if you will. Open yourself and the garden reveals its secrets.” We owe our thanks to Crimi for compiling, editing and archiving the wonderment of Chadwick. Chapters that expound on cosmic forces, fertilization, propagation and roses are but a few that we are treated to.

Take your time and enjoy the journey for in reading this book you’re entering the rare air of one of the gardens’ most amazing emissaries.


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